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Breast Cancer Screening, diagnosis and support for treatment in Bangladesh

Situation of breast cancer in Bangladesh:

World Health Organization (WHO) ranked Bangladesh 2nd in terms of mortality rate of women in the country from breast cancer. Sixteen percent of the total cancer affected women in the country are victim to breast cancer, says a World Health Organization (WHO) study.  The National Institute of Cancer Research and Hospital (NICRH) registry analysis showed 26 percent of their women patients between 2008 and 2010 suffered from breast cancer, followed by 21 percent afflicted by cervical cancer.The National Institute is the only hospital in Bangladesh that has a cancer registry system. The number of new breast cancer cases in Bangladesh is 17,781 every year. A total of 8,396 (15.4 of cancer death in women)) women die each year from breast cancer, according to GLOBOCAN 2008 (statistics given by IARC, International Agency for Research on Cancer).  The mortality can be reduced if appropriate measures can be taken to detect breast cancer at an early stage. Awareness and screening can save thousands of life. While mammogram, clinical breast examination (CBE) and breast self-examination (BSE) are recognized screening methods for breast cancer screening.

Shamajik Council Initiative:

The existing unawareness, lack of services at community level, social taboos among the urban poor and rural villages regarding breast cancer issues usually refrain most of the women to expose their breast cancer conditions or abnormality even to family. Shamajik Council organizes special camp at a community based service point for case-finding, motivating, tracking of patients and following-up with them throughout the entire care cycle may be one approach to changing these situations. The camp also offers some routine checkup of women to break the silence and to get response.

Considering the socio economic condition of Bangladesh, the cost and unavailability of mammogram at district levels the experts recommend strongly for the breast self-examination. A woman examine both breasts by her own once in a month regularly. If she feels any abnormality, she will undergo examination by a doctor or health professional. We believe dissemination of this information and mass awareness and demonstrate appropriate techniques can improve breast cancer situation in Bangladesh as stated by experts. It’s also important involving every segment of people to make it a social movement.

Specific Activities:

Organize breast cancer screening camp for women to be examined by trained medical practitioners

Organize counseling session both for women and men

Create awareness by preparing, printing and disseminating leaflet on breast cancer issues

Provide referral services and financial assistance (if needed and available) to limited women who needs further level of test/examination

Guide to be admitted in right place for treatment and limited assistance as requiredto avail the treatment

Strength: The Shamajik Council has a strong medical team to provide service and /or provide assistance to the medical team. We have vibrant presence in community and connected with national level hospitals for referral services, if needed. 

Challenges:Bangladesh, however having a low level of public awareness of the importance of early screening and treatment for breast problems caused difficulties to bringwomen for the screening/clinical trial. Unlike other countries where the majority of women with breast problems go to major hospitals for care, many women in Bangladesh either never seek treatment, or arrive at hospitals with late-stage cancer, which is often untreatable. Numerous social, economic, health-system related and political issues factor into these circumstances, complicating an already challenging situation.

Follow up:Shamajik Council refer all preliminary detected cases to different hospitals/services points as appropriate/manageable.

Cost:BDT 60,000 to BDT 100,000 required for screening and counseling and awareness among 100 women with limited assistance for further level diagnosis as much as we can.

Be apartnerfor breast cancer screening, counseling, awareness and treatment:

Your assistance and/or contribution will directly support the conduction of a breast cancer screening camp for a better life of a woman.  Unlike many sponsor schemes, 100% of your contribution (apart from a small management cost) is directed towards screening breast cancer, diagnosis and treatment support as much as we can. `

In return for your generosity, you will receive an appreciation with signing of participating women in camp. You will also receive updates on the initiative. Your kind assistance/ sponsorship will cover the cost for screening, provider’s remuneration-if needed, logistics, communication and other miscellaneous to conduct the camp efficiently and to some extent for assistance in further level of diagnosis. The Shamajic Council will reserve the right to use the fund for the good cause related to breast cancer.

Breakdown of Sponsorship Expenditure

How is your sponsorship amount spent? For starters, a very small portion of your sponsorship may use for processing and management (approximately 5-10%). 100% of the remainder of your sponsorship amount will go directly towards screening breast cancer, diagnosis and treatment support as much as we can. There are no big management costs to cover, no office expenses, no expensive salaries.

How do cancel sponsorship? 

If you wish to cancel your sponsorship, you can cancel through your instruction by sending us an email letting us know and we can manage this for you.

Thanks so much for making a difference through your generosity!

We appreciate your support for our organization that is run by committed volunteers, which means your support goes directly to women in need and not on administrative overheads.

Donate via bank transfer or cheque

You can make a one-off donation from your bank account straight into ours.

Our bank details are:Bank: The City Bank Limited (Glulshan Avenue branch)

Account Name: Shamajik CouncilAcct No: 2101430310001(saving)

Please remember to send us an email: with your contact details and a little bit of information about your payment, so we can send you a receipt and message.

Contact Details

  • Address: 19/4 Rupnagar (Near Rajanigandha tower) Dhaka 1216



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