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Education Assistance

Initiative of Shamajik Council

Shamajik Council immediately set up support to women and children affected by Rana Plaza tragedy. As part of this continuing Education Assistance to 06 children who live with foster and extended families from the very beginning. In addition, some more children receiving assistance. Although education is free in Bangladesh, many families do not have sufficient income to buy uniforms, books or other learning resources.  The temptation is therefore to take the children out of school and put the older ones into work.


The memory of the Rana Plaza collapse is still as vivid and distressing even after one year. No one can forget the worst disaster in the industrial history of the world which claimed the lives of 1134 people, injured thousands, made hundreds of children into orphans and lost all traces of over a hundred human lives. Despite various initiatives from national and international levels, these children are the direct victims of the tragic incident of Rana Plaza, as the loss of parents or ones who were critically injured are an imminent threat to the children’s education and livelihoods.


Specific Activities:

Of the 06 children currently in the programme, 2 are boys and 4 are girls.  4 are in primary school, 1 are in secondary school and 1 in university..  We pay each family 2000 taka per month for each child.  This covers basic living costs plus school requirements.


We have developed close contact and monitoring for the education of children.

Follow up:

Shamajik Council formed community based ‘Shamajik Council’ to look after the progress of education of children. Shamajik Council is also exploring opportunity to to reach many more children in need.


To be part of the best start in life of children by sponsoring a child approximately minimum BDT 2000/ per monthis needed.

Be a partner for education assistance program:

This amount hopefully can ensure a group of vulnerable child receives education that prepares them for a better future. This is only Tk. 2000/- per child per month for strong foundation!

How is your sponsorship amount spent? For starters, a very small portion of your sponsorship may use for processing and management (approximately 5-10%). As a volunteer-run organization, we see this as a small price to pay for providing you with security and convenience for your payments. 

100% of the remainder of your sponsorship amount will go directly toward child. There are no big management costs to cover, no office expenses, no expensive salaries. This is just pure support for children and big difference to the health and future education opportunities for each child. 

How do cancel sponsorship? 

If you wish to cancel your sponsorship, you can cancel through your instruction by sending us an email letting us know and we can manage this for you.

Please feel free to contact me (Cell: 1713030124) you have further questions. 

Thanks so much for making a difference through your generosity!

We appreciate your support for a young organization that is run by committed volunteers, which means your support goes directly to children and not on administrative overheads.

Donate via bank transfer or cheque

You can make a one-off donation from your bank account straight into ours.

Our bank details are:

Bank: The City Bank Limited (Glulshan Avenue branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Account Name: Shamajik Council
Acct No: 2101430310001

Please remember to send us an email with your contact details and a little bit of information about your payment (for example, please tell us if you would like to support a particular one or more children or school, so we can send you a receipt and message).


Contact Details

  • Address: 19/4 Rupnagar (Near Rajanigandha tower) Dhaka 1216



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