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All children deserve a strong start to life, including a strong education. Children between the ages of 3 and 5 are at a crucial stage of development during which literacy, numeracy and a range of other critical skills can begin to develop. This means that the right care and attention during these early years can ensure that children get a strong start to their education. However, millions of children in Bangladesh do not receive quality early childhood care. In Bangladesh, Shamajik Council like many other organizations working in the field of Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) through programs like preschool project that provides quality education to under-privileged children.

Shamajik Council Initiative:

Shamajik Councilis operates 13 pre-primary schools in Savar and Gazipur in Bangladesh. This initiative not only improved educational opportunities for formerly-deprived children, it has increased employment security for parents who depend on the service. 


Specific Activities:

Shamajik Council operates 13 pre-primary school based on government curricula.


The schools apply state-of-the art practices that have been validated by longitudinal research measuring the quality of the early childhood environment and children’s school readiness.


Many children of working parents live in peri-urban areas where new migrants first enter urban life. No longer part of village life, nor covered by mainstream urban services, these children have few educational opportunities. These children are at risk of dropping out of school, start school late, or repeat grades – both of which are precursors to dropping out. Although the Government of Bangladesh has a proactive stance towards universal pre-primary education, it relies on partnerships with the private sector and NGOs to reach marginalized or excluded groups.

Follow up:

Shamajik Council formed community based ‘Shamajik Council’ to look after day to day school activities. Shamajik Council is also exploring opportunity to extend school activities for next grades.


To be part of the best start in life of children by sponsoring a preschool for approx. 15-20 children approximately minimum BDT 60,000 per year needed.

Be a partner for preschool program:

This amount hopefully can ensure a group of vulnerable child receives an early childhood care and education that prepares them for a mainstream primary school education. This is only Tk. 250/- per child per month for early education towards strong foundation for a better future!

How is your sponsorship amount spent? For starters, a very small portion of your sponsorship may use for processing and management (approximately 5-10%). As a volunteer-run organization, we see this as a small price to pay for providing you with security and convenience for your payments. 

100% of the remainder of your sponsorship amount will go directly toward Preschool operations including some health care. Your sponsorship covers the equivalent cost of sending one child to preschool and/or operation of one or more pre-schools as a whole. There are no big management costs to cover, no office expenses, no expensive salaries. This is just pure support for children and big difference to the health and future education opportunities for each child. 

How do cancel sponsorship? 

If you wish to cancel your sponsorship, you can cancel through your instruction by sending us an email letting us know and we can manage this for you.

Please feel free to contact me (Cell: 1713030124) you have further questions. 

Thanks so much for making a difference through your generosity!

We appreciate your support for a young organization that is run by committed volunteers, which means your support goes directly to children and not on administrative overheads.

Donate via bank transfer or cheque

You can make a one-off donation from your bank account straight into ours.

Our bank details are:

Bank: The City Bank Limited (Glulshan Avenue branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Account Name: Shamajik Council
Acct No: 2101430310001

Please remember to send us an email with your contact details and a little bit of information about your payment (for example, please tell us if you would like to support a particular one or more children or school, so we can send you a receipt and message).


Contact Details

  • Address: 19/4 Rupnagar (Near Rajanigandha tower) Dhaka 1216



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