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Cervical Cancer Screening, diagnosis and support for treatment in Bangladesh

Situation of Cervical Cancer in Bangladesh:

The worldwide annual incidence of cervical cancer is estimated at 493 000 cases and more than 270 000 women die of cervical cancer each year. At least 80% of cases occur in developing countries (Parkin, 2006) and in these countries it is the most common cancer in women.

Cervical cancer screening is relatively inexpensive and there is worldwide agreement that screening programmes for cervical cancer are a necessity (Ngoma, 2006). Furthermore, there are clearly defined management approaches, even in resource-poor environments, to diagnose and treat gynaecological diseases, including irregular bleeding and cancers of the genital tract, in particular cervix cancer (ACCP, 2004).

In Bangladesh, cervical cancer is the most frequent cancer among women of all ages and is the leading cause of cancer death among women (WHO/ICO, 2007). There are currently no population screening programs for cervical cancer in Bangladesh. Furthermore, there is a lack of information about what Bangladeshi women know about cervical cancer, and what approach to screening for cervical cancer is feasible and acceptable to both men and women.

It may be noted that, early marriage, repeated child bearing, unsafe sex practice and illiteracy were found to be the predisposing factors of the problems. She mentioned that the Cervical Cancer situation in developing countries especially in Bangladesh is increasing in alarming rate and asked the need to aware our women regarding this specific issue to reduce the burden of cervical cancer in Bangladesh and thus reduce the maternal mortality.

Shamajik Council Initiative:

Shamajik Council conducts screening camp followed by counseling, treatment support and raising awareness. As cancer screening services are generally available only to the very privileged in Bangladesh, it is almost certain that without this screening camp these women would have gone without diagnosis and treatment until their cases had advanced beyond the possibility of treatment. Shamajik Council has taken initiative as a part of special campaign including the screening camp to detect and prevent Cervical Cancer.

Specific Activities:

Raise awareness in community and among the civil society about the Prevention, screening and treatment of cervical cancer

Organize a camp for the awareness raising for Prevention, screening and referral services for treatment of cervical cancer

Facilitate registering, Conducted counseling, Assis in organizing in screening as per need, Arranged for referral services

Develop a network to reach people with mentioned sufferings and expand the support

Guide to admitin right place for treatment and limited assistance as required for treatment

Strength: The Shamajik Council conducts screening camp in collaboration with Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU, a specialized government hospital). It has a strong medical team to provide service and /or provide assistance to the medical team. We have vibrant presence in community and connected with national level hospitals for referral services, if needed. 

Challenges:There was general awareness that gynecological diseases and, more specifically, cervical cancer can be treated. However, even when women had managed to gain initial access to formal health services and knew what their treatment needed to be, this could often still not be obtained. Reasons are given included low priority given to seeking care for symptoms; lack of appropriate services at close proximity; lack of money and lack of appropriate care. Women are often asked to undergo further examinations and tests before treatment is commenced. There were several reports of women who had blood tests and ultrasound or X-ray examinations performed, but not speculum examination, even if complaints were of a gynaecological nature.

Follow up:Shamajik Council refer all preliminary detected cases to different hospitals/services points as appropriate/manageable.

Cost:BDT 60,000 to BDT 100,000 required for screening and counseling and awareness among 100 women with limited assistance for further level diagnosis as much as we can.

Be apartnerfor Cervical Cancer screening, counseling, awareness and treatment:

Your assistance and/or contribution will directly support the conduction of a cervical cancer screening camp for a better life of a woman.  Unlike many sponsor schemes, 100% of your contribution (apart from a small management cost) is directed towards screeningcervical cancer, diagnosis and treatment support as much as we can. `

In return for your generosity, you will receive an appreciation with signing of participating women in camp. You will also receive updates on the initiative. Your kind assistance/ sponsorship will cover the cost for screening, provider’s remuneration-if needed, logistics, communication and other miscellaneous to conduct the camp efficiently and to some extent for assistance in further level of diagnosis. The Shamajic Council will reserve the right to use the fund for the good cause related to cervical cancer.

Breakdown of Sponsorship Expenditure

How is your sponsorship amount spent? For starters, a very small portion of your sponsorship may use for processing and management (approximately 5-10%). 100% of the remainder of your sponsorship amount will go directly towards screening cervical cancer, diagnosis and treatment support as much as we can. There are no big management costs to cover, no office expenses, no expensive salaries.

How do cancel sponsorship? 

If you wish to cancel your sponsorship, you can cancel through your instruction by sending us an email letting us know and we can manage this for you.

Thanks so much for making a difference through your generosity!

We appreciate your support for our organization that is run by committed volunteers, which means your support goes directly to women in need and not on administrative overheads.

Donate via bank transfer or cheque

You can make a one-off donation from your bank account straight into ours.

Our bank details are:Bank: The City Bank Limited (Gulshan Avenue branch)

Account Name: Shamajik CouncilAcct No: 2101430310001(saving)

Please remember to send us an email: with your contact details and a little bit of information about your payment, so we can send you a receipt and message.

Contact Details

  • Address: 19/4 Rupnagar (Near Rajanigandha tower) Dhaka 1216



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