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Shamajik Council


Shamajik Council is a concept for enhancing social bonding, engagement and empowerment. This aims to bring community members in a forum on a regular basis. Through his two decades of experiences in social work, Kazi Amdadul Hoque realized and demonstrated the translation of this concept in practical social life. He framed this as ‘Shamajik Council’ with an appeal for action. Shamajik means social in Bengali language. Any society can form ‘Shamajik Council’ as a community based and centered voluntary organization to bring social changes for a better life.  And any existing ‘community organization’ can exchange ideas and experiences to be or to uphold the spirit of Shamajik council. This spirit holds that social bonding is the pre-condition for social engagement and thus for empowerment. Shamajik Council has six paths named ‘Social Meeting’ ‘Social Support’, ‘Social Initiative’, ‘Social Economy’, ‘Social Information, Services and Research’ and ‘Social Coordination’. The aim of these pathways is that these encourage social interaction that encourages to offer and creating provision for assistance, and builds up collective initiatives that culture towards more assistance, which in turn opens up newer economic opportunities using social network. Information hub and social coordination help to keep the right balance among various initiatives in the society.


The society itself is a platform for human interaction, cooperation and co-existence. This is quite obvious as value of an ideal society. But living in same community without having regular interaction and mutual understanding we cannot attain automatically the value of ‘society’ and ‘being member of a society’. This is a big concern now a day in many societies. People do not know who lives next door or how one’s neighbor is doing. It seems everyone so busy and cannot (or does not feel to) manage sometime for socialization. In other words, many of our lives became quarantine and forget or feel hesitation to say ‘hello’ to neighbor. Many of us do not even think to share happiness or crisis with neighbor or to take care in need.  Actually in many communities buildings are close to other non-dwellers. The consequences of this isolation are very clear as we observe in our daily lives. We miss the basic quality of a human beings empathy/sympathy as expected, we do not seek support from our neighbor rather we have to reach out to a relative living far.We neither have a source of help within our community in critical need like social fund. In many communities people do not feel attached or united to take an initiative for community wellbeing.  The less privileged community members do not have opportunities to use social network to get an access to economic activities. Community members do not know some basic information about the families live in same community, which may help to offer services, share resources and gain some mutual benefits. Lack of coordination caused many good work overlap or misuseresources in a community. If our society remain with such condition think about our children and consequences in their mind make up.

Shamajik Council is one of the great ways to address social issues with integrity, consistency, transparently and effectively utilizing social spirit. Shamajik Council works to enhance bonding among members, engage them in good work and empower them to lead for a great cause. The bonding, engagement and empowerment are sequential effects of socialization. An external agency can be a catalyst in promoting these effects with passion to sustain development rather prescribes ‘imported task’ for immediate action to fulfill targets of ‘development numbers’.  

The key objectives of the Shamajik Council

To uphold social bonding
To enhance social engagement
To promote social empowerment


All the members of Shamajik Council should be from same community.  Even a cluster of households or the dwellers of an apartment building may like to form a shamajik council. The assigned members form a neighboring Shamajik Council or/and from Shamajik Council National Teamwill be supporting as mentorsfrom beginning of formation at least for a year.All the families by virtue are the member of respective Shamajik Council; if not any particular reservation. There should not be any discrimination or favor in membership because of age, physical challenges, religion, gender, financial ability, size of families or extended family, or any other factor which caused disharmony in social boding, engagement and empowerment.


The Shamajik Council formation and functioning should be within community as defined and demarcated by the members of the initiative. The meeting will take place preferably in center point of a community if not majority members decide somewhere else within community. The meeting place should be determined based on majority members convenience to join and should not be to favor someone else wish. The meeting can be rotated in front of or in the residence of different members as appropriate.


The meeting should be once in a week. The first meeting will decide unanimously about the meeting day and time.  The committee may decide not to hold any meeting for maximum 10 particular weeks


Any one from the same community may start this great initiative in consultation with Shamajik Council-.-National. An orientation before taking the initiative from Shamajik Council is necessary to follow the experienced based guideline properly.  Shamajik Council from one community (if available) has to act as Supporting Council for a new Shamajik Council in neighboring other community with the guidance from Shamajik Council-National.  A detail guideline is available for new Shamajik Council. The representatives from each and every family (irrespective of gender) of a particular society expected to join to form Shamajik Council.

Contact Details

  • Address: 19/4 Rupnagar (Near Rajanigandha tower) Dhaka 1216



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